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Do we need to have our own insurance for the marquee?

Whilst we have our own public liability insurance the customer does need their own insurance against any loss/damage to the equipment supplied. In some cases your household or business insurance may cover this. Please check with your broker.


What type of surface can the marquee/gazebo be erected on?
Does it need to be level?

Grass or hard standing is the obvious answer. The structure is tethered with stakes into the ground. On a solid surface we use weights/water weights. The ground does need to be of a level nature. They are a unique product. They can be adapted but this is one of the most important questions to consider before booking any tent or marquee. You should also check the site for any overhanging trees or such like Palm trees! If you are unsure about your surface please ask us for advice.


How many people can we fit into the marquee?

This depends on the set up of furniture you require. Please consider your plan for the seating and we can advise. As a guide if you wish formal seating the Casablanca holds up to 80. The 'Fez' seats up to 20 on the soft seating option.


Are the marquees waterproof?

Yes , they are traditional canvas. This is shower proof. We then fit a PVC cover with the matching motiff. This makes the structure water proof for our british weather.


Can we have electric in the tent?

This depends on how much power you require and how far you need a supply to run. Typically an extension lead will suffice. Consider you may require a generator if you are in a remote location. Bands/discos and caterers should be able to give you an idea of the power they may need.


Can the sides be removed in hot weather?

Yes if we have some wonderful Moroccan sunshine the sides are easily removed. If it then turns chilly (british) they can be replaced. Our installation team will show you how this can be done.


When do you set up and take the marquee down?

This will be arranged to suit each customer requirements. Usually if your event is a Saturday we would set up on the Thursday and take down Saturday/Sunday/Monday. We are a very laid back team at Bohemian tents and aim to please.


How much deposit do you require?

We will ask for a deposit of 50%. The balance is then payable once the tent is all in place and your are happy with your little piece of bohemia.

Need Wedding, Corporate Event or Private Catering?

Contact Jeeves Catering through their website www.jeevescatering.com

Need a Henna Tattoo Artist?

Contact Miss Elegant through their website www.misselegantuk.com

Marquee Hire Terms & Conditions.

These are the obvious ones. Small print is on your invoice/booking
form. We at bohemian tents like a simple life………

The booking will not be confirmed until Bohemian tents is in receipt of the deposit.

Payment for the balance to be made on completion of the erection of the tent.

Please ensure you have adequate insurance for your event.

Decorations, signs etc must not be attached to the linings or outside walls of the tent. Any resulting damage willl be charged for.

Indepentent contractors, caterers, disco, exhibitors working within the marquee must have adequate and appropriate insurance. This is the hirers responsibility to ensure this.

Please ensure you site is ready to have the structure erected. Grass to be cut etc . Metal stakes are used to anchor the tents . Please be aware of any underground obstruction that may be affected by their use.

We reserve the right to alter the set up date if we are unable to construct due to extreme weather conditions.